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The Easy 5 step process for bringing your dream wedding vision to life

Everything you need to know to create a beautiful vision for your day and make your wedding planning journey easier!

You want your Wedding Planning Journey to be easy and stress free,  know how to communicate your vision easily to suppliers and bring your ideas to life on the day without breaking the budget.

You are struggling to decide on a look and feel for your wedding day.


You both have very different ideas about what your day should look like and you don’t know how to bring them together.

You are suffering from Inspiration overwhelm and can’t narrow down an aesthetic for your day.

You are worried about getting the right suppliers that will be able to bring your vision to life.

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Does any of this
sound like you?

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Deciding on a Vision for your Wedding can be tricky!

Many of my couples come to me with a confusing collection of inspiration images and ideas that they want for their day. They think that this will be enough to bring their day to life. But the truth is without a defined wedding vision their planning journey will be hard and they may end up with a day that feels a little confused and disjointed. 

Having a clear wedding vision in place at the start of planning is the key to a stress free journey where decisions are easier and the end result is a cohesive, beautiful, well thought out day where all aspects fit perfectly with your dream vision.

What you will achieve

Your Vision

Decide together exactly how you both want your wedding to look and feel, creating a complete and unified concept for your day.

Vision Board

Create a beautiful cohesive vision board that represents all you want for your day, that you can share with all of your suppliers to help make decisions easy and stress free.

Bring your vision to life

Discover how to make your dream vision a reality and stay within your budget

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Having confidence and clarity knowing exactly how you want your wedding to look and feel

Being aligned with your partner and ready for anything that might come your way


Feeling calm and relaxed about the planning journey and decisions ahead of you


Feeling excited watching your vision come to life 

Being confident that you can create the wedding of your dreams within your budget


Feeling organised, confident and connected to your wedding planning process

Find out why a clearly defined wedding vision will make planning your wedding easier.


Become clear on exactly what a Theme and a Style are and why your wedding needs both.


Discover how to avoid Inspiration overwhelm.


Create a beautiful well thought out vision board to use when planning your day.


Bring your dream vision to life with ease and without breaking the budget.

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Create Your Dream Wedding Vision
What's Included:

Our carefully designed mini course taking you right through the process of creating your wedding vision.

Our bonus Colour module on how to choose colours that work together for your day.


Handy prompt sheets to help with discussions around to vision and concept for your day.


Our vision board template to help you create your own beautiful vision board.

Hi I'm Samantha!

A qualified Wedding Planner and Stylist with over 18 years design experience, and 5 years working within my own Wedding business. I founded the Planning Hub as I want to be able to help as many couples as possible to bring their Dream Wedding to life.

This mini course around planning your wedding vision is the first thing to be released as part of the Hub. This is because I feel that defining your wedding vision is the most important step on your planning journey and will act as a foundation to everything else you do between now and your big day!

Samantha x
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Create your Dream Wedding Vision Now!

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