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Become a Planning Hub Member

Everything you need to know to plan your wedding in one great community

Are you Ready to Plan your Dream Wedding?

The Planning Hub gives you access to all of the help, information and support you need to take the stress out of planning your wedding day, without the need for an expensive wedding planner. You will get access to our amazing Wedding Planning Blueprint which takes you step by step through planning your dream day. As well as all our other helpful resources.

Do you feel stuck and don't know where to start with planning your dream Wedding Day?

Are you overwhelmed and stressed out thinking about the task ahead of you?

Do you have so many ideas swimming around in your head that you don't know how you will ever bring them all together?

Are you worried you won't be able to afford the wedding you want?

Do you want the help and support of a Wedding Planner but don't have the budget to hire one?


Do you feel like all of the pressure is on you to create the best day ever?

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Does any of this
sound like you?

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Feeling calm and relaxed about planning your wedding.


Having the confidence, support and guidance to make the right decisions for your dream day.


Feeling confident and clear about your budget

Being able to bring all of your ideas together to create a cohesive vision for your day.


Feeling confident that everything will get done and nothing will be forgotten.

Being able to find the right suppliers that you know you can trust to bring your vision to life

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Gain access to amazing wedding planning tools wherever you are!

Hi I'm Samantha!

A qualified Wedding Planner and Stylist with over 18 years design experience, and 5 years working within my own Wedding business. I wanted to build something which meant I could help as many couples as possible realise their dream wedding day. With a Planning Hub membership you get access to all of my knowledge and experience for as long as you need without the usual price tag that comes with hiring a Wedding Planner.

Join the Planning Hub today and find the help you have been looking for.

Samantha x
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What you will learn

The Admin

How to set a realistic budget and stick to it, create timelines for your day, plan your entertainment schedule, guest lists, table plans and more.

The Design

Creating your concept, deciding on your colour scheme, styling your day, putting together your team.

The Rest

Where to start, defining your wedding vision, finding the right suppliers, how to find your dream venue, what to ask at venue visits, and so much more!

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The Planning Hub Membership also includes access to our community of like minded couples and industry professionals all here to help you create your dream wedding.

The Hub is full of helpful videos, PDF's, guides and lists to help you through the planning process. There is also our exclusive supplier directory full of amazing suppliers we recommend for all aspects of your day.

Our membership is initially for 6 months, but if you need to or would like to stay longer you can!

Design your dream Wedding with a little help from us

Take it at your own pace, you will have access to the whole hub from the moment you sign up. 

There will be weekly Q&A's with wedding professionals in our exclusive members only Facebook group. And you can ask questions at any time in the group or members forum.

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Heather & Sean

"Samantha you were amazing and without your work it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good or how we wanted it so we will always be grateful."


Claire & Ben

"Samantha tirelessly created the elements we had asked for.
My husband and I were both thrilled with the final result and highly recommend Willow and Rust."


Hanny & Ben

"We would recommend Willow & Rust for any wedding, we could not have been happier. Completely smashed by Samantha. Thank you so much."

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Planning Hub Membership

Packed with step-by-step guides, time-saving templates and helpful online resources, the Planning Hub will help you create the Wedding of your dreams!

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Let's get started!

Sign up to the wait list now to be the first to hear when we open the doors!

Sign up to the waitlist today and get our free Wedding Decor Guide!

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