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7 Reasons why you should have a Micro- Wedding

If you should be getting married in the next 6-12 months, don't let Covid-19 ruin your plans all together. The most important thing is that you're marrying your other half, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, your best friend. Nothing else really matters, you can always have the big party you dreamed of when all of this is over! Micro-Weddings were already an up and coming trend way before Covid hit!

So what is a Micro-Wedding?

A Micro-Wedding traditionally has less than 20 guests, and is usually a lot cheaper than a traditional larger wedding. The day is generally shorter as there are less people and the ceremony is often somewhere different, not at a church or registry office. A Micro-Wedding is different to an Intimate wedding which is usually around 30-50 guests.

So why should you go ahead and have a Micro-Wedding?

1. Covid-19

Let's get it out there first. The main reason a lot of couples are having a small wedding at the moment is because they have no choice, it's the only option right now. But that doesn't mean it can't be amazing, so embrace it! You, your other half and up to 13 of your closest family and friends can have a beautiful, memorable, special day you will never forget.

2. Budget

A small wedding is obviously going to be less expensive than a larger wedding, it's simple math! The overall cost will go down, however it means you can spend more per person. Spoil your guests with that more expensive gourmet menu for example.

3. Pick and choose

A small wedding is so personal anyway, each of your guests are so special to you, which is why they made the guest list in the first place! But it also gives you the opportunity to pick and choose which elements and traditions you want to include in your day. For example speeches, if the thought of speaking in front of even your nearest and dearest instils fear in you both, cut the speeches out, or get others to speak and tell stories about you as a couple or have a quiz about your life together and see who knows you best! Your day can be as unique as you are.

4. Relax

With a small wedding, your day will be so much more relaxed, there is no pressure and a lot less to stress about as there is a lot less to go wrong! You don't have to worry about walking down the aisle in front of hundreds of people, just 13 and your other half!

5. Spend your budget on what's important

A small wedding means you can choose which parts you spend more money on. If the decor and flowers are important to you then go crazy! Have that amazing archway you've seen on Instagram, or the vintage china plates that you love. Or if entertaining your guests is your priority then splash out on a band or other types of entertainment. Why not spoil your guests with personally picked out individual favours that you know they will love.

6. Make a weekend of it

If there is only you and a few guests then why not make it a mini staycation, book somewhere for the weekend and make the day last longer. Dinner the night before, a walk along the beach or in the countryside, Sunday lunch the day after.

7. Quick to plan

These points are all dependant on current Covid-19 restrictions in your area which as we know are constantly and ever changing. If we plan anything too far in advance right now we run the risk of having to change our plans. But that's another great advantage of a Micro-Wedding, they can be really quick and easy to plan.

So there we have 7 reasons to just go for it and have a Micro-Wedding! If you want to do it but don't know where to start then get in touch

Photo credits: @danilouphoto and @graceandmitch

Styling credits: @willow_and_rust

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