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Are Small and Intimate Weddings the way of the future?

There has been a growing trend towards more intimate weddings for a while now. Couples wanting to keep it simple with just a choice selection of their family and friends. There are various reasons for this trend, sustainability, cost, obviously as a rule less guests means less waste and less money, but also there are more opportunities to make the day your own, make it special and unique by including things that maybe you couldn’t do on a grander scale and some couples just like the intimacy of their nearest and dearest and couldn’t imagine saying their vows and doing speeches in front of everyone they know!

Of course, with recent wedding restrictions and Government guidelines on weddings, small and intimate is the only option for couples who want to go ahead and have their day, and this will potentially be the case for the foreseeable future.

So, what are the real benefits of a more intimate occasion?

In terms of planning there is a lot less work to do, especially if you use a venue such as a private garden. Organising an event for 30 people in yours or a relative’s garden can be both quick and cost effective. Especially if you book an Intimate or Pop-up Wedding package which are becoming increasingly popular.

The overall cost will be significantly less as you will only be catering for 30 people. This means you can spend more where you want to, have the slightly more expensive menu, or the big floral installation you saw on Pinterest. You could spend more on your dress or have an amazing Honeymoon, whatever is more important to you as a couple.

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Environmental impact, the reduced cost to the environment of a smaller event is significant, less people travelling to and from the event, less food waste, the option to source second hand or vintage items to use as you won’t need so many of each. More opportunity to do DIY projects, signage, favours, cakes and sweets for example. So for couples looking for a sustainable wedding, small and intimate could be the way to go.

Small also means you can be more personal, for example individually chosen favours/gifts for all of your guests personal to them. You could set up a projector screen in the garden to show family movies or a slideshow of memories or have a screening of your favourite movie in the evening. The possibilities are endless.

Time, larger events by their very nature, take more time to plan and organise, you may find yourself having to wait up to 2 years to get a date at the venue you want, especially now with so many weddings having to be postponed from this year to next. Whereas a smaller Intimate wedding set in a small venue, private barn, orangery, yard or garden can in comparison, be arranged in no time at all, especially with the help of a Wedding Planner or Stylist.

On the whole you are not compromising anything by having a smaller wedding, if anything you are making it more personal and more special and giving yourselves the time to enjoy the run up and relieving the stress of organising a huge event for 80-100+ people! It can still be beautiful, unique, everything you want it to be, and make your Instagram feed something to swoon over!

If you are thinking of having an intimate style wedding and would like to know more about our Intimate Wedding Package simply visit our website or send me an email and I would be happy to chat with you!


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