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How to have an Outdoor Winter Wedding in the UK

An outdoor wedding in November in the UK?? You must be crazy right? Actually you're not! There are many people who choose to do this and take advantage of the colder weather and darker days to make their day warm and inviting and cosy. Think sitting around a fire surrounded by fairy lights, lanterns and candles, wrapped in cosy blankets and dancing to keep warm!

There are however certain things you can do to make your Outdoor Winter Wedding as special as possible.

1. Choosing your Location

Tipi or barn weddings can be so cosy in the winter, indoor fire pits and lots of twinkling lights, you may think you can't have a winter tipi wedding but they can be just as warm and cosy as anywhere else! If you're wanting to have elements of your celebrations outside look for sheltered locations, an area of woodland or a field in a valley, or a cute walled garden or courtyard. Make sure you have contingency plans in place, think worst case scenario, it's teaming down outside and all has to take place undercover. If you plan for this scenario then you will be fine whatever happens. Make sure if you have toilets outside, or food trucks for example that there are covered walkways to them so if it is raining your guests don’t get wet whilst waiting for their food!

2. Heating and Lighting

Make sure your structure is heated and there are plenty of spots for your guests to warm themselves, inside and out, heaters, fire pits, bonfires etc.

An outdoor winter wedding lends itself really well to a warm cosy atmosphere, lots of fairy lights and lanterns, lantern pathways, festoon lighting, candles etc. This will create a real winter wonderland feel. Plus you will be able to see each other and your guests after it gets dark at 4pm!

3. Be prepared for the worst and you may be surprised

Make sure you plan for the worst possible scenario, rain, wind, snow, power cuts, make sure you have heaters, umbrellas, blankets, candles, plenty of wood/fuel for the fires. The chances of you needing all of this are probably less than you think, but if you have prepared for the worst then whatever happens you will be pleasantly surprised.

4. Good hearty food

Make the most of the time of year and the warming winter food, you don’t really want alcoholic hot chocolate and mulled wine in August! Why not have a Hog roast or food trucks serving warm hearty food. A coffee truck or hot chocolate specialist (with alcoholic options of course!), Mulled wine and cider to help keep people warm.

With food and drinks trucks and a bonfire or fire pits, people will be outside, but there will be a reason and they will be warm, think winter festival.

5. Clothing

It’s all about the layers and the fabrics, choose wool suits for the men, that way they can take the jacket off when in the Tipi dancing so they are not too hot, but have the warmth when needed, maybe even a matching woollen overcoat, depending on how much of the day you want to take place outdoors. For the bride think about how much the dress covers, don’t go for backless for example. Also a really nice fur shrug or woollen shawl, maybe even tights underneath, they won’t be seen so don’t stress. Think about your shoes, don’t go for crazy high heels in the winter as chances are the ground will be soft underfoot and not only will they get ruined but you won’t be able to walk properly, go for something flatter, a wedge heel or even boots!

Basically as long as there is light and heat, good food and good music both you and your guests will have an amazing day, even if it is cold and rainy or even snowing. Just think of the beautiful wedding pics you will get with snow underfoot!

If you want some more advise or help to plan or style your Outdoor Winter Wedding then get in touch or visit my website I will be happy to help in any way I can!

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