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Environmental Policy

At Willow and Rust, making weddings more sustainable and protecting our environment are two of the most important things I consider when working on your wedding. To create truly eco-friendly and beautiful weddings I believe that sustainability should be considered in every step of the journey. I try to make sure everything that I use when styling your wedding fits into one of the following criteria recycled, reused, repurposed, or upcycled creating as little waste as possible on your wedding day. 


I have a group of carefully selected suppliers who I work with whenever possible to make sure that every aspect of your wedding is as eco-friendly as possible.


On this journey I am always looking for new ways to bring sustainability into weddings and reduce the impact that the industry has on our planet.




When sourcing décor items for my collection I make sure that they are either second hand; from a charity shop, antique fair, car boot sale or online marketplace, or if I have to purchase something new I look at where I buy it from, does the retailer have eco credentials, and how many times I will be able to reuse the item.


If an item is something I can make then I try and use recycled and reclaimed materials wherever possible.




All of my linens are handmade from 100% natural fabrics and dyed with eco-friendly machine or natural dyes. The linens are washed and line dried and reused as many times as possible throughout their life. If a runner gets a stain or a burn mark for example, then this will be cut up and repurposed into napkins for another wedding.



Wherever possible I try to do as much of my marketing and correspondence with couples online. However where printed materials are needed I always use recycled paper or card stock and eco board for larger items.​



It is of course impossible to avoid travel when planning and styling weddings, however I try and carry out as few in person meetings before an event as possible, using Zoom or telephone calls instead. 


I have just changed my vehicle to a self charging Hybrid for travelling to and from events and delivering décor items.



My studio is at home where our power is provided by Octopus energy a 100% green energy supplier.




Finding ways to give back to the environment and help reduce our carbon footprint is important me. Planting trees is an important way to help us with reducing carbon emissions, this is why Willow and Rust has chosen to plant 25 trees with for every couple that books. A clump of trees personally dedicated to your wedding, that you can follow and watch grow. Ecologi help fund a variety of climate projects all over the world, to date they have planted 51.2 million trees and reduced 2.3 million tonnes of Carbon.

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