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7 Wedding Trend Predictions for 2023

Updated: Apr 9

The last few years have really set the traditional wedding axes on a tilt. We are seeing a big shift in how weddings are structured and what couples choose to include in their day. After the pandemic we are a lot more in tune with what we want and making it happen. It’s about taking life by the horns and running with it and weddings are no exception. From unique and non traditional venues, coloured dresses, off beat entertainment, unusual food choices and the order of the day itself, every aspect has seen some sort of shake up.

But the results are amazing, unique, personal weddings that are all about the couple, what they want for their day and how they choose to share that with their guests, and I only see that as a positive!

So here are a few of my predictions for weddings in 2023 and beyond.

Sustainable weddings are not a trend or a fad, they're something that are here to stay and should be taken seriously.

1. Sustainability.

Whilst sustainability is not a trend there is a definite shift towards more mindful and eco-conscious wedding celebrations and this will only increase over the next few years. Couples are becoming more in tune with the impact their day can have on the environment and what they can do to reduce this. And this in turn means that suppliers are having to become more mindful of the impact their businesses have and how they can improve their offerings to be more sustainable. And this can only be a good thing.

2. Celebrants

More and more couples are opting for a celebrant based ceremony on their wedding day, choosing to do the legal bit beforehand so they can then relax and have the fun and informal ceremony they want, wherever and whenever they want it. There is still the hope that celebrant led ceremonies will become legal in the near future which would open this up so much more and give couples so many more options, but we wait to see what happens with that one. In the mean time couples are happy to go and sign the legal documents separately to their day in order to have a personal and unique celebrant led ceremony in front of their family and friends.

3. Rented clothing

Renting pieces for your wardrobe is becoming big business with even high street stores getting involved now too with websites like Hire Street UK. So why would you not look into hiring your wedding dress, or Bridesmaid dresses or even your wedding outfit if you're a wedding guest? Men have been hiring their wedding suits for years. It’s a great way of getting your dream dress that you may not otherwise be able to afford, while at the same time being more sustainable. Plus you’re not left with it after the wedding wondering what to do with it, where and how to store it and if it will ever see the light of day again!

More and more couples and wedding guests are seeing the benefits of hiring their wedding attire and with the market growing all the time, this will only only increase in the coming years.

4. Smaller guest lists.

Many couples are being ruthless with their guest lists, they are inviting fewer guests but spending more on the food and entertainment. Therefore creating an extra special immersive and memorable experience for the guests they do invite.

Photo: EKR Pictures

5. Unique wedding venues.

With the upswing in celebrant led weddings comes an increase in the variety of unique wedding venues. Couples are getting married in the woods, on the beach, in their own gardens, anywhere really that they want to. Wherever feels special and unique to them. There has been a huge increase in at home garden weddings, as getting married in the family home is seen as special and personal and somewhere no one else will get married. I think with the lower guest numbers, desire to be different and the increase in celebrant ceremonies the trend for unique and personal venues will only increase.

6. Eco friendly florals.

In line with the increased desire to be sustainable comes the desire for eco-friendly florals. Couples are realising that eco doesn’t mean fake and that they can have beautiful seasonal flowers and foliage for their décor that are sourced locally, supporting local businesses and reducing the carbon footprint of their day. Florists are becoming more knowledgeable about eco-friendly display techniques and are steering away from foam and plastics to secure their installations. 2023 will see more seasonal blooms, lots of foliage’s, locally sourced or foraged and there will be fewer but bigger installations, focusing on the quality rather than the quantity, using a large installation as a focal point and keeping everything else more simple.

'Bridgerton is here to stay, for now anyway, with series three on it's way couples are still loving the regency pastel colour palettes'

7. Colours.

Bridgerton will still have a big influence in 2023, with season 3 hotly anticipated it’s not going away any time soon, which is fine by me. Bold pastels will be big this year, with blue taking over from the greens we were seeing last year and magentas and lilacs having a big influence. Blue will be the hero tho, from pale blue to a more aqua marine tone, even a bolder dusty blue. Popular palettes will be a mix of blues with additions of paler colours such as a blush or cream, or for those who favour a warmer palette lilacs and magenta's bringing in some deeper shades to give depth. Greens and browns can always be added with the introduction of foliage in the decor and wooden elements to give a real and natural edge to the design.

Mood boards put together by Willow and Rust, images taken from Pinterest

Overall we are in for an amazing year of non traditional, unique and very personal celebrations focused very much around the couple, their loved ones and what makes their lives together important. Here's to an amazing 2023 wedding season!

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