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9 Reasons you should hire a Wedding Stylist

Have you thought about hiring a stylist for your wedding but are undecided and not sure how exactly they can help or what they will do? A stylist will bring your wedding to the next level visually and take a big chunk of the work away from you so you can concentrate on other aspects of planning your day. Below are my top 9 reasons you should consider a Wedding Stylist.

1. A stylist can bring your vision to life

Like most couples you probably have a myriad of ideas, Pinterest boards and Insta saves, but now you need to do something with them. Your stylist will sort through all of your ideas and inspiration and create the exact look you are after for your day.

2. A stylist can create the look you want whilst sticking to your budget

With all of the amazing inspiration out there it’s easy to get carried away and potentially blow your budget or get frustrated that you can’t create the same look within your budget. A stylist will help you to create the look and feeling you want whilst staying within your budget. They know all of the tips and tricks to a big impact look whatever the budget.

3. A stylist will bring uniqueness to your day

A good wedding stylist will source props and create bespoke pieces that make your day personal and unique to you and help to bring the look together perfectly. Whether this is sourcing vintage china, dyeing table linens to the perfect shade or creating the wedding arch of your dreams, your stylist is there to make these things a reality.

4. Insider knowledge

A stylist has knowledge of local suppliers and knows exactly who to go to for the items that will create the exact look you’re after. They have done this before and probably have a database of amazing suppliers they can call on.

5. A stylist will be there on the day

Depending on the venue the stylist will be there the day before or early in the morning on the day to set up and style your venue to perfection. Making sure that all of the hire items and florals arrive and are in the right places, so you don’t have to worry and can concentrate on your big day. They will also help with take down afterwards to make sure everything goes back to the right places and nothing is left or lost.

6. Amazing attention to detail

Stylists have an amazing eye for detail, so you know that everything will be perfect, and nothing will get forgotten. Planning a wedding can be stressful and the smaller things can sometimes get overlooked or forgotten, especially smaller styling details. Having the help of a stylist will ensure that this doesn’t happen.

7. Relieve some of the stress

With so much on your plate whilst planning your wedding, the styling is something that you can stop worrying about if you enlist the help of a stylist. You can relax knowing that your day will look amazing, leaving you to concentrate on everything else.

8. An Insta worthy backdrop

Hiring a stylist will ensure that you have the Insta worthy venue of your dreams that will look amazing in your photos and wow all of your guests. And who knows maybe people will be pinning pictures of your wedding as Inspiration for their own day!

Image credit: Dani louise photography.

9. But my venue has people who will do this

Many venues have events co-ordinators who will look after your day and make sure things go to plan, however in terms of styling they will use the items that the venue has and make sure the room is set up and looks nice, however these will be the same items that they use for every wedding, maybe with some colour variations. If you want your day to be unique and have that wow factor then you should definitely hire a stylist, they will plan and source all of your décor and they will understand your needs and exactly what it is that you want, they are dedicated to you and making sure your wedding is perfect. A venue co-ordinator may have 3 or 4 weddings that same week so will not be able to give you the same service or attention to detail as it’s just not their job.

It is, however, important that you get the right stylist for you. You need to “get” each other and have a similar style to begin with. It’s no good trying to work with a stylist who loves big glamorous events with lots of glitter and bling if you are wanting an elegant vintage event with a rustic feel, it’s just not going to work. So do your research, follow their Instagram and Facebook, check out their website and make sure that they have the vibe you’re after before you get in touch.

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