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Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Coordinator

There is a common misconception that these two roles are the same thing. This is definitely not the case.

They both have an important role to play in the running of your wedding, but the roles are very different. The Venue Co-ordinator is just that, they are there in the interests of the venue, to make sure everything goes well that is the venues responsibility. A Wedding Co-ordinator or Planner on the other hand is there for you, and will help to solve ANY issues that arise, whether to do with the venue, the make-up artist not turning up or the fact that the Mother of the Bride has just laddered her tights!

Generally the Venue Co-ordinator will be at the venue on the day until the meal is served, as it’s usually their job to organise the caterers. A Wedding Planner will be there all day to make sure everything goes to plan and all of your guests are happy until they are dancing the night away to the Grease Medley!

This is not to say that Venue Co-ordinators don’t have their value, they definitely do. If any of the venue staff don’t turn up, the air-con stops working, there is a problem with the bathrooms or the bar runs out of ice, these are all things that they are there to sort out.

A Wedding Planner on the other hand will be in charge of set up, to make sure everything is to your specifications. They will make sure that you are ready on time, you have everything you need as do the rest of your wedding party. They will co-ordinate all of the external suppliers on the day as well as speaking to them prior to the event to make sure everyone knows how the day will run and confirm delivery times etc. If the cake supplier gets lost on the way, the Wedding Planner is the one that will talk them through it until they find their way.

Most Wedding Planners offer a range of packages from On the day co-ordination, where they will take things over a couple of weeks before and be there on the day to make sure everything runs exactly how you planned it, to a full Wedding Planning Service where they will be there from the start of the process to help you plan your perfect day, save you time and money and relieve a lot of the stress, leaving you free to enjoy the process and your day. Finding the right wedding planner for you is very personal, you have to get on with your planner, they have to 'get you', you have to ‘click’. The process can take a while but once you get the right fit, planning your wedding will be an enjoyable and stress free experience.

Hopefully this has gone some way to explaining why you may need a Wedding Planner regardless of whether your venue has a Co-ordinator to help you or not. If you want any more information on the packages that I offer click this link.

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